Criss Angel Came Up With His Own Show “Criss Angel’s Magic with the Stars”

Criss Angel

Magic with the Stars by Criss Angel is going to disclose a slew of mystical mysteries. The plan is for the program to train celebrities and have them compete for the Golden Wand. Each episode will feature two celebrities attempting to master three areas of mystic arts and performing in front of a panel of judges that includes Criss Angel. Criss has spent over two decades creating a reputation for himself in the profession and is now one of the world’s top celebrities. Through his TV appearances, Broadway plays, and Las Vegas stage performances, he has evolved into a true celebrity.

Criss Angel’s Magic with the Stars is described as follows:

“Each episode of “Magic With the Stars” features two celebrities who work with professional magicians to produce a spectacular sequence of magic acts.

It goes on:

The celebrity participants must master three main genres of magic and execute them in front of a panel of judges chaired by magician Criss Angel. Only the celebrities with the best scores are invited back to the finale when they battle for the golden wand.”

The program will launch on the CW on October 22 at 8 p.m. ET.


Criss Angel’s Magic with the Stars star used to be a member of a heavy metal band.

Criss Angel is ready to return with another magic-themed program, and his fans are ecstatic. While it is stated that a magician never exposes his tricks, Criss Angel has chosen the opposite approach and will teach celebrities three types of magic in the forthcoming Criss Angel’s Magic with the Stars. Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos is the magician’s real name, and he was born and reared in New York. When his aunt taught him a magic trick at an early age, his interest in magic grew. He was just seven years old at the time, yet he felt an “amazing sensation of power.”

In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, he discussed his background and said that he admires great magician Harry Houdini. Angel also revealed that his first paid performance was at the age of 12.

Criss Angel

He stated:

“Throughout my infancy and early adolescence, I often traveled from our home on Long Island, New York, to Manhattan for auditions and go-sees.”

Criss Angel’s Magic with the Stars cast members routinely performed at pubs and restaurants. He also established his fundamental illusion by having his mother “float in the family den” at this time.

While the magician has been performing virtually his whole life, his first huge break came in 2001 with an off-Broadway show called Criss Angel Mindfreak. During the run of the play, he delivered over 600 performances and aggressively promoted them. Following that, his television program of the same name, which aired for five years and was filmed in Las Vegas, debuted in 2005.

Believe, his Las Vegas performance debuted on his hero Houdini’s 82nd death anniversary and included his illusions with extravagant costumes and amazing Cirque du Soleil dance. His concerts and TV appearances have led to his estimated net worth of $50 million. In 1989, he was the main vocalist of Angel, a heavy metal band that included magic feats in its music videos. Angel was also a member of another band named Angeldust, which recorded many albums and contributed to his present net worth.

Criss Angel

Criss Angel is slated to return to television with a new series called Criss Angel’s Magic with the Stars, which will consist of ten one-hour episodes. Each episode will feature two celebrities attempting to learn three different types of magic.