Cole The Cornstar And His Girlfriend Have Been Dating For Almost 2 Years

Cole The Cornstar

Every partner wants a little bit of a lover and a little bit of a best friend in their better half. Cole The Cornstar’s relationship status suggests that the YouTuber has recently discovered his. Hneiva Uranga – Nave, another YouTuber, is in a relationship with the YouTuber. Things seem to be going well with them these days, as the two often flaunt one other on their various social media accounts.

Cole The Cornstar, and his girlfriend have been together for over two years.

Cole met his girlfriend for the first time in late January 2019. Cole and Nave initially met on the side of the road, when Cole assisted Nave in rescuing her automobile from a snowbank. Cole claims that their first meeting was enough for him to fall in love with her. He quickly followed her on Instagram and started messaging her a few hours after pulling Nave’s vehicle out of the snowbank. Nave, on the other hand, was first uninterested in him. But as they spoke more, she developed feelings for him, and they started dating on February 5, 2019.

Cole The Cornstar
Cole The Cornstar

They’ve been seen together many times since then. Cole’s fiancée and he are both YouTubers. They often feature in one other’s videos. Understandably, the couple turns to social media to wish each other happy birthdays and other significant events. On December 5, 2019, ten months into their relationship, the girlfriend shared some unforgettable memories with her adoring boyfriend in the form of photos and short videos. She followed the image with a touching statement on the difficult moments they experienced, as well as the numerous things she learned with Cole’s assistance. She ended her post by expressing her appreciation for her bright and quirky best friend/boyfriend.

Best Regards Cornstar Cole Her Closest Friend

Nave and Cole are more than just lovers; the Youtuber’s girlfriend considers him to be her closest friend. For example, when she became a licensed motorcycle driver in Iowa state on July 18, 2020, she seized the chance to upload a nice photo of her kissing her partner with their bikes in the foreground. She also praised her “best buddy” for the accomplishment in the comment, saying she couldn’t wait to arrange motorbike adventures with him.


On September 3, 2020, she wrote in another Instagram post that when people inquired whether Cole was her boyfriend or best friend, she responded that he was both. Cole has been identified as Nave’s closest buddy in numerous of her writings. That being said, it seems that the “best-friends” are not only becoming stronger but also getting inseparable as time passes.

Information Regarding the Girlfriend

Hneiva Uranga – Nave is a 21-year-old woman from the Iowa suburbs. She is the sole child of her pastor’s parents from France. She has two siblings in addition to her parents: an older brother called Kevin and a younger brother named Braulio. Her elder brother is a married guy who works at a financial institution, while her younger brother is still in high school.