Clare Foges Husband: Who Is She Married To? Married Life & Kids

Clare Foges

Clare Foges is a British television personality. She is allegedly married. But who is the spouse of the LBC presenter? Let’s look at it further down. Clare Foges is an LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) broadcaster and Substrac freelance writer. The British journalist is also a former Times columnist and the prime minister’s main speechwriter.

Her work as a speechwriter at 10 Downing Street earned her the nickname “The Prime Minister’s Larynx.” She is also a prominent children’s book author, having written novels such as Kitchen Disco. Foges’ journalistic profession has brought her substantial popularity and a sizable fan base. As a consequence, people all over the globe are curious to read her reports and learn about her personal life. As a result, today’s piece is on the LBC presenter’s spouse, married life, and family. Continue reading to learn more about Clare Foges’ personal life.

Clare Foges’ Husband: Is She Married? Kids & Relationship

Clare Foges is said to be married. Unfortunately, the 42-year-old broadcaster is a secretive lady. The British television personality wants to keep her personal life private. The journalist is exclusively active on Twitter, where she shares her work life and other information. The journalist is a married lady, according to many websites. It is unclear whether she has any children with her husband. She is, nevertheless, at an age where she may be leading a lovely family with her husband and a few children.

Clare Foges

Surprisingly, she has not revealed anything about her spouse or children. As a result, the identity of the LBC presenter’s spouse remains unknown. It is fairly uncommon for celebrities to desire to keep their personal lives private. The former New York Times writer must be shielding her family from public scrutiny. Regardless, Foges and her lover must have a tight relationship. Let’s hope Clare relaxes and lets up a little more about her personal life. Let’s hope Foges can put some light on the situation. Foges does not use Instagram.

Clare Foges’ Parents and Siblings

Clare Foges was born in north London on April 27, 1981. As a result, the popular television personality is 42 years old as of 2023. Clare Foges is the second-youngest of her parents’ five children, according to the Evening Standard. Her father was a designer. When the presenter was just eight years old, he died of cancer. Foges and her siblings were raised by their mother. Clare’s mother said that it piqued her interest in politics. Clare once posted a photo of her niece and nephew (twins) on her official Twitter account. Foges looks to have a strong relationship with her brothers and mother.

Clare Foges’s Professional Career

Clare Foges graduated from the University of Southampton with a bachelor’s degree. In addition, the London native has a master’s degree in modern and contemporary poetry. Foges graduated with honors from the University of Bristol. Clare apparently operated an ice cream truck in Guildford before starting her literary career. She started working as a writer at John Hayes’ Westminster office in 2006.

Clare Foges

After a year, the LBC host went full-time on Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign. She began working for David Cameron in 2008 and authored his much-anticipated address in Europe in January 2013. She served as a writer for The Times from June 2015 until October 2022. From May 2010 until May 2015, she worked as a special adviser at 10 Downing Street.