Chris Hogan Net Worth: Explore His NFL Career, Endorsement And Income

Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan is an American professional football player, has a net worth of roughly $6 million. Christopher James Hogan is a Cannons Lacrosse Club (PLL) wide receiver. Furthermore, Hogan spent nine seasons in the National Football League (NFL) as an American football wide receiver. Similarly, Chris Hogan was selected to the All-New Jersey squad from his high school, Ramapo High School. Similarly, Hogan holds a lacrosse scholarship at Penn State. Furthermore, he was chosen to the first team of the ECAC.

Mr. Chris Hogan At the start of their careers, NFL players might make between $400,000 and $600,000 per year. As of September 2023, Chris Hogan’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $6 million. NFL players, on the other hand, may make $50 million or more at the greatest level, depending on their talent or abilities. The wage cap in the National Football League is about $170 million. Furthermore, Chris Hogan earned $16 million in NFL pay and perks during the previous ten years. In addition, Chris Hogan joined the New England Patriots in 2016 and helped the club win the most Super Bowls in 2017.

Chris Hogan’s Earnings

Chris’s professional football career provided the bulk of his income. Hogan played for three teams: the San Francisco 49ers, the Miami Dolphins, and the New York Giants. Season One Hogan earned a total of $825,000 from the San Francisco 49ers during his rookie season. During this period, he earned a total of $11,775,120. Similarly, Hogan earned $6,500,000 as part of his pay during his third season with the Patriots.

Chris Hogan

In addition, he received $5,250,000 as part of the Roster bonus and $25,120 as incentives. He received a deal with the Buffalo Bills the following season and played for almost four years. He earned $2,079,819 throughout this period. In addition, the club gave Hogan $ 1,875,000 in incentives. Hogan then joined the England Patriots in 2016 and played until 2018. During that period, he earned a total of $11,775,120 from the club.

Similarly, he earned $1,319,429 with the Carolina Panthers in 2019. Similarly, Hogan received a $825,000 salary, a $300,000 signing bonus, a $131,250 roster bonus, a $25,000 workout bonus, and $38,179 in incentives from the organization. In addition, the New York Jets will pay $825,000 in 2020.


Hogan is thought to have inked a sponsorship agreement with Maximum Human Performance (MHP) in 2015. He just created his own eyewear brand. Aside from that, Hogan secured an agreement with Tomahawk Shades, a Sunglasses and eyewear Store. This company sells Premium Small Batch Eyewear.


Wide Receiver Chris Hogan’s career began at a young age when he earned first-team All-New Jersey honors in lacrosse as a junior and senior. As a senior, he was also an all-state first-team football player. Throughout his career, Chris Hogan has established a Patriots franchise mark for most yards receiving in a postseason game, with 180 yards receiving in the AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. When researching his career, he was associated with a number of teams, including the 49ers in 2011, the Giants in 2011, the Dolphins in 2011, and the Jets in 2020.

In 2011, Hogan was connected to three different clubs, including the San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, and Miami Dolphins. Chris Hogan was signed as an undrafted free agent by San Francisco on July 27, 2011. On September 3, 2011, he was released by the club. Following that, he was signed by the New York Giants and placed on their practice squad before being released.

Chris Hogan

Finally, he was signed and got a deal with the Miami Dolphins’ practice squad. During this period, he got a salary of $ 5700 from the Miami Dolphins, as well as a signing bonus of $17,500 from the 49ers. The amount he earned from the Dolphins Giants, however, has not been published. Furthermore, he played with the team 49ers for almost three years until his contract was canceled. Furthermore, he worked as a practice squad member with the Miami Dolphins and the Dolphins Giants in 2011 and 2012, earning around $11,400 as part of his compensation from each. Hogan signed with the New York Jets on August 19, 2020.

In five games, Hogan has 14 catches for 118 yards. However, owing to a severe ankle sprain, he was put on injured reserve on October 13, 2020. In February 2021, Hogan declared for the Professional Lacrosse League entry draft. He was undrafted before being acquired by the Cannons Lacrosse Club. On July 6, 2021, Hogan and faceoff specialist Drew Simoneau were traded to the Whipsnakes in exchange for faceoff specialist Kevin Reisman. Hogan also established a Patriots team record for most yards receiving in a playoff game on January 22, 2017.