Chris Brown’s 10 Insane Tattoos & Their Meanings

chris brown tattoo

Christopher Maurice Brown, better known as Chris Brown, is a singer, rapper, video recording artist, and actor from the United States. Chris Brown has many tattoos all over his body. He received his first tattoo when he was 13 years old. Check out Chris brown insane  tattoo in 2021. Let’s look at his tattoos and their significance.

1. Chris Brown ‘FAME’ Tattoo

Chris Brown FAME’ Tattoo
Chris Brown FAME’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Chris has the word “FAME” tattooed across his arm.

Meaning: FAME tattoo is “Forgive All My Enemies,” which is also the title of the singer’s fourth studio album. In an interview in 2012, Chris also said that the words. FAME had another meaning, “Fans are my everything.”

2. ‘The Snake and the All-seeing Eye’ Tattoo

Chris Brown ‘The Snake and the All-seeing Eye’ Tattoo
Chris Brown ‘The Snake and the All-seeing Eye’ Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: Brown has a tattoo on his back depicting a serpent with a triangle at the end of its tail enclosing the all-seeing eye.

Meaning: Chris characterized it as “the impossible triangle: the year of the snake!” Brown was born in 1989, the year of the snake according to the Chinese zodiac. The all-seeing eye in a triangle is a symbol of the cult Illuminati, with which the singer has been associated by.

3. ‘Chris Brown’s Jesus tattoo

‘Chris Brown’s Jesus’ tattoo
‘Chris Brown’s Jesus’ tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Chris’ right bicep is a tattoo of Jesus Christ surrounded by music notes.

Meaning: Chris Brown got this tattoo in honor of his ability to sing, which he believes is given to him by Jesus. According to Chris, the tattoo represents how “God gave him the talent of singing,” so he chose to be tattooed with Jesus Christ surrounded by music notes. This was Chris’s first tattoo, which he received against his mother’s objections.

4. ‘The Symphonic Love’ Tattoo

The Symphonic Love’ Tattoo
Chris Brown’s The Symphonic Love Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: The words “Symphonic Love” are tattooed over the singer’s breast.

Meaning: The tattoo on his breast reads Symphonic Passion, representing Brown’s dedication and love for his music.

5. Chris Brown ‘Astro boy and BAPE’ Tattoo

‘Astro boy and BAPE’ Tattoo
Chris Brown’s Astro boy and BAPE Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Astro Boy, another cartoon figure, is tattooed on Brown’s left leg, next to a BAPE, a breathing ape tattoo on Brown’s left calf. Chris brown tattoo Astro boy

Meaning: Astro boy may represent his affection for the character, and BAPE is a Japanese apparel company. Brown is the face of BAPE’s luxury diffusion brand and BAPE Black Label.

6. ‘Royalty Brown’ Tattoo

‘Royalty Brown’ Tattoo
Chris Brown’s Royalty Brown’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo:  Chris Brown has a tattoo of his daughter, Royalty, on his back.

Meaning: On his daughter’s second birthday, the singer had her face tattooed on his back.

7.‘The spray can with twos Tattoo

‘The spray can with twos’ Tattoo
Chris Brown’s The spray can with twos’ Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: A spray can with a face is inked underneath the hand holding the C. There are two 2s just above the spray can. One has an arrow pointing up, while the other has an arrow pointing down.

Meaning: The tattoo represents Brown’s affection for Virginia, where he grew up. And the spray can express the singer’s passion for graffiti art.

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8. Chris Brown ‘Aphrodite and The Bull’ Tattoo

Aphrodite and The Bull’ Tattoo
Chris Brown’s Aphrodite and The Bull’s Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Brown has a tattoo of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, on the back of his head, as well as a bull in the middle of his skull.

Meaning: Chris unveiled the tattoos on Instagram, stating that the bull symbolizes his solar sign, Taurus and that it was put on the left side of his skull to guard his heart in the love of his goddess and his daughter Royalty.

9. The Indian Chief’s Tattoo

The Indian Chief’ Tattoo
Chris Brown’s The Indian Chief’s Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Wolf’s head wearing a Red-Indian Chief’s crown is tattooed on the left side of the singer’s neck.

Meaning: The wolf signifies protection, loyalty, and spirit.

10. Chris Brown ‘‘The brutally beaten woman’s Face’ Tattoo

‘‘The brutally beaten woman’s Face’ Tattoo
Chris Brown’s The brutally beaten woman’s Face’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Chris has a tattoo of a beaten lady on the right side of his neck.

Chris Brown women’s face tattoo Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes “Dios de Los Muertos,” which translates to “Day of the Dead,” a Mexican holiday that honors deceased relatives and family members. This tattoo is well-known for its rumored name, Chris brown Rihanna beating tattoo.