ChozenWrld Was Arrested By The FBI When They Recognized Him By His Shoes


The FBI apprehended TikTok ChozenWrld after they were able to identify him by his shoes used in armed robberies. The TikTok was arrested after several footages connected him to four distinct offenses in various convenience shops. After observing Chozen Terrell-Hannah, as ChozenWrld, dance in Nike shoes with red patches, police were able to apprehend him. The identical shoes belonged to a criminal who stole from many establishments between December and February. In an official complaint, a task force officer stated:

“Based on my expertise and experience, I feel that because of [ChozenWrld’s] pale complexion, victims of armed robberies watching him in the conditions and wearing the apparel stated above might identify him as white or black.” These shoes resemble the footwear used in the aforementioned armed robberies.”

TikTok is accused of robbing a petrol station, a tobacco shop, and two 7-Eleven locations. They apprehended him after obtaining a warrant, which they could get thanks to cellular data showing him near the regions where the crimes occurred. They also discovered a Glock pistol during their residence search. According to Complex, police detectives got an anonymous tip that led them to ChozenWrld. The Detroit News said police officials reviewed many recordings of TikToker, a Michigan resident, and noted that he matched witnesses’ descriptions.


How old is ChozenWrld?

The 22-year-old has over 150,000 followers on the video-sharing app and is most known for his colorful films in which he participates in famous choreographies. He has just around 1.6 million likes on Facebook and a significant following. He was wearing black jeans, a sweatshirt, and a black ski mask, and he was carrying a black bag with pink flowers on it. Witnesses noticed white sneakers with red stains, and he allegedly held up store goers at gunpoint and stole their money.


After acknowledging his misdeeds, the TikToker is currently being jailed without bail. Robbery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime are among the charges against TikTok. According to Afrotech, if convicted, he may face a maximum sentence of more than 20 years in jail.