Charlotte Easton Gillies: Her Brother & Her Reaction on their Parent’s Divorce

Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies is the daughter of Rachael Leigh Cook & Daniel Gillies.

Quick Facts

Full NameCharlotte Easton Gillies
First NameCharlotte
Middle NameEaston
Last NameGillies
Date of BirthSeptember 28, 2013
Age10 years
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Father NameDaniel Gillies
Father Professionactor
Mother NameRachael Leigh Cook
Mother Professionactress, model, and producer
Gender IdentityFemale
SiblingsTheodore Vigo Gillies
Net worth$5 million

Shocking Mother Reveals In An Interview

In an interview with ‘Today,’ actress Rachael Leigh Cook reflected on her role in ‘She’s All That.’ She started the conversation by recalling the journey to the top of the steps. According to her, it was not scripted, at least not the first time it occurred. She believes it simply occurs. Several questions about the film were posed to her, and she answered them all honestly. The questions range from her most remembered phrase from the series to shooting the kiss scene, noteworthy dialogs, bonding and recollections with the castmates, the prom dance sequence, and response to her song “Kiss Me.”

When asked about the most memorable conversation, she recalled the one in which Lanie called out to Zack and stated, “My eyes are beautiful,” she said to herself on a street corner, is the one she recalls the most. Also discussed is the dork outreach program, how she came up with the concept of wearing the falafel hat, and the dialogue “supersize my balls.” She said that she was uncomfortable with the kiss sequence, so she blinked a lot and assumed that it would not be included in the film, but it was ultimately used.

When talking about Freddie and Paul, she saw that Paul was a nice and charitable guy and a superb performer. He came off as highly natural and believable. Paul’s unexpected death shook her in 2013, so she finally reached out to Freddie, which took her nearly three years. They finally caught up a year later over an enormous coffee and dessert selection. She went on to say that he’s doing well.

Charlotte Easton Gillies
Charlotte Easton Gillies (Source: Google)


Charlotte is Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies’ first child. She has one younger brother, Theodore Vigo Gillies. She is Ben Cook’s niece. Her maternal grandparents are Thomas H. Cook and Joann Cook. Thomas, her grandfather, is a social worker and former stand-up comedian.

Parents’ Relationships And Marriage

Rachael and Daniel, Charlotte’s parents, dated for two years before marrying. On August 14, 2004, the pair chose to say ‘I Do’ after an eight-month engagement. However, after 15 years of marriage, the pair decided to call it quit in June 2019. The cause for their breakup has yet to be revealed. For the sake of their children, the couple is on good terms.

Charlotte Easton Gillies Net worth 2024

Charlotte is still a minor. Therefore, she does not have a net worth. Her parents have a substantial net worth. Her mother, Rachael, has a net worth of $5 million as of  March 2024, while her father, Daniel, has a net worth of $3 million. They have accumulated this sum as a result of their successful profession. Rachael, Charlotte’s mother, is an actress, voice actor, model, and film producer. She has been in many films and television shows and is still a working star with several projects in the works.

Among her, numerous projects are ‘She’s All That,’ ‘Josie and the Pussycats,’ ‘Perception,’ and many more. Rachael is the voice of many characters in the ‘Robot Chicken’ series and ‘Tifa Lockhart’ in the ‘Final Fantasy series. She’s also appeared in music videos for ‘Kiss Me,’ ‘Dressed to Kill,’ ‘Love You Lately,’ and ‘Young Dumb & Broke.’ Rachael is the proprietor of Ben’s Sister Production, a production company.

Daniel, Charlotte’s father, is also an actor. He has appeared in films and television shows such as ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘The Originals,’ ‘Spider-Man 2’, ‘Into the West,’ and others. ‘Broken Kingdom,’ his film, was written and directed by him.

Bond With Family

Charlotte is just a child, but she has a wonderful relationship with her family. Her parents are very protective of their children, so they seldom publish anything about them on their social media accounts. Even if they write about them, they take care to keep their faces concealed. Charlotte is seen above with her newborn brother and mother, with the message, ‘And the Oscar is given to.’

The Children’s Custody

No spousal or child support was transferred after Charlotte’s parents’ divorce. Her parents were granted legal and physical custody of the children. According to the court agreement, the parents must ensure that they do not disparage remarks about one other or their previous or current relationships in front of their children. Negative remarks against either parents’ relatives or friends must also be kept away from the children.

Charlotte Easton Gillies
Charlotte Easton Gillies (Source: Google)

The Reactions of Charlotte and Her Brother to Their Parents’ Divorce

When both children were told that their parents were divorcing, they both embraced and wept for a while. They were quite young when they heard about divorce; they didn’t understand everything, but they understood it was bad news. The discussion took a good turn when it was brought up to the parents and children that they may have bunk beds.

After then, everything went swimmingly. Even when the children are unhappy, their parents never forget to show them that they are still a wonderful family.

Charlotte Easton Gillies
Charlotte Easton Gillies (Source: Google)

The Vampire Diaries Adventure

Daniel Gillies, Charlotte Easton Gillies’ father, discusses his time on ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ When asked whether he believes Vampire Fans are a distinct breed of people, he responded that they are and that there is a specific demographic. He also said he is surprised when he gets the art from them, such as woodcuts and other stuff. Because he is a huge celebrity and New Zealand is very proud of him, one of the hosts asked him to answer her questions honestly, to which he sarcastically replied that as long as it is not racist, he would.

When asked about his relationship with Jesse, he responded that they were lovers for a short time since Jesse was a repulsive kisser, but they eventually chose to remain friends. They also discussed his American accent in the program, and he said that producers were perplexed by his character Elijah. He decided to be shucked to Kelsey Grammer for his American accent since they wanted it to be either British or American. When asked for advice for any Kiwis attempting to make it, he offered specific requirements such as having numerous pictures of themselves with cats and nurturing a solid connection with two-minute noodles.

When questioned by the presenter whether individuals have to learn to market themselves in the United States and if he has to put on his modest face and talk himself down again when he returns to New Zealand. He replied that he found himself in the opposite position since he came from a place of self-deprecation, which benefited him in the United States.