Charlize Theron Slams Steven Seagal As “overweight”

Steven Seagal

Charlize Theron has been a trailblazer for women in the action genre, and in the process of paving the way for more women to break into the industry, she shoved Steven Seagal.

Her study on Hollywood fights usually led her to a video of an overweight Seagal filming an action sequence someplace in Japan, according to the actress.

The actress called out Seagal as an overweight fake during an interview on The Howard Stern Show (via NY Daily News).

Charlize Theron Slams Steven Seagal As “overweight.”

“When I’m working on a film like The Old Guard, I’ll go online at night and watch boxers or people fight,” she recounted. “There’s always that strange Seagal film of him ‘fighting’ in Japan, but he isn’t.”

Needless to say, Theron was more than willing to compete for screen time in the male-dominated genre with her male colleagues.

She said of Seagal’s on-screen depiction, “He’s simply very overweight and shoving people.”

Stern, the show’s presenter, couldn’t help but concur that the elderly actor hasn’t been in the greatest of health recently. Theron didn’t hold back her blows with that nod.

I have no qualms about saying [expletive] about him since he isn’t really fond of ladies, so [expletive] you!

Theron was referring to the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Seagal by women.

Steven Seagal is once again the target of Charlize Theron’s ire.
When two women came forward in 2018 to say that the actor sexually assaulted them, the actor’s character was brought into doubt.

All Of These Charges Have Now Been Refuted By Seagal

Other actresses have accused him of sexual misconduct, including Jenny McCarthy, Portia de Rossi, and Julianna Margulies.
Returning to Seagal’s weight, Theron said:

“He’s chubby and can hardly fight… Look it up; it’s a hoax. He’s shoving people in the face, and the whole thing is a set-up.”

She concluded her case by adding that actresses like herself do not strive to fight as hard as their masculine colleagues.

“We want to fight as we would fight and figure out what this looks like,” she stated.

She’d much prefer to be involved in “fights” that were more intelligent, with action that made sense and supported the broader emotional tale.

Steven Seagal’s Weight Gain: What Fans Think

Theron isn’t the only one who has noticed the actor’s weight gain. In fact, there are entire communities dedicated to discussing how and why Seagal became overweight on sites like Reddit and Quora. The actor acquired weight as a result of his age and genetic composition, according to a Quora discussion.

A user inquired, “How many buff granddads do you see out in the wild?” “Is Arnold Schwarzenegger currently the same as he was in 1975? Or, for that matter, Stallone or Lou Ferigno?”

They went on to quote Dolly Parton, who said that time moves on. “It quickly becomes apparent that it is marching over your face.”

The reasoning was sound. After all, the actor is now approaching 70 years old. Others in the group commented on how Seagal’s diet and fitness habits must have deteriorated over time, resulting in weight gain.