Fan Favorite Cate Was Eliminated After She Presented An Undercooked Dish In Masterchef


Cate was eliminated from MasterChef Season 12, Episode 5 after presenting the judges with an undercooked and uncooked meal. On Wednesday night, MasterChef returned for another tasty episode. This week’s episode, Winners Mystery Box: Spirit of Vegas, pitted the participants against each other in the season’s first mystery box challenge. They were on the verge of being eliminated, so the stakes were quite high.

While many candidates prepared savory meals, a handful chose to dazzle the judges with sweets. Cate was one of them. In the mystery box challenge, the participant was given bourbon as her spirit of choice, and she selected to make a spiced stonefruit cake with a bourbon vanilla bean caramel sauce. She didn’t have enough time to bake the cake and didn’t want to deliver it to the judges uncooked or undercooked. She decided to disassemble the cake as a last-minute idea and attempt to utilize the salvageable pieces.

Unfortunately, it was a failure. Cate’s undercooked cake landed her in the bottom three. The judges reached their decision after a brief deliberation. Cate was the competitor that was eliminated. Fans who saw the broadcast expressed their displeasure at her dismissal on social media.

Cate was sent home in MasterChef Season 12 Episode 5.

Fans expressed their disappointment and outrage on Twitter when the skilled chef was ousted.



Why Cate was evicted on MasterChef season 12 episode 5?

In episode 5 of MasterChef: Back To Win, the competitors competed against each other in a mystery box challenge. Shaun O’Neal, the Season 7 champion, curated it. They had to make three similar meals from of the spirits they got in their boxes. Cate said that she was making a spiced stonefruit cake with a bourbon vanilla bean caramel sauce, fresh chantilly cream, and macerated plums.

Borboun was the spirit of choice for every other participant. Cate said that she was fortunate to get it. Gordon Ramsay questioned the cook on why she chose a dessert since bourbon could go either way. Cate said that she was a savory cook who understood and liked what she did. But she didn’t want to play it safe and hide in the shadows.


The judges were concerned since Cate had just 30 minutes remaining, yet her cake had not yet been placed in the oven. But time was catching up with Cate. Cate realized that her cake was still undercooked and raw as time ran out and she pulled it from the oven. She didn’t have time to manufacture anything else, so she had to make do with what she had. Her food, however, was raw and undercooked. Gordon commented on Cate’s dish, noting that it seemed to have been eaten from. The cake tasted crunchy in some places and raw in others, according to the judges. Aaron revealed that her meal had several technical flaws.

Dara and Tommy joined the MasterChef competitor in the bottom three. But, regrettably, she was the one that was removed. She was a semi-finalist on MasterChef Season 8, although her time was cut short this season.


More information about what occurred this week on MasterChef Season.

Tommy escaped another bullet this week with Cate’s elimination. For the second time in a row, the contender was placed in the bottom three. His meal did not go over well with the judges. Cate, on the other hand, was rescued because his food was undercooked. Dara also avoided elimination despite her cake being dry due to her caramel sauce crystallizing and being unable to be added to her dish. MasterChef airs on Fox every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET. More information may be found in local listings.