Caroline Kennedy Wife: Is She Still Married? Marriage And Family

Caroline Kennedy

Is Caroline Kennedy still married? Many people are intrigued by this question. Her personal life is often scrutinized since she is a member of the famed Kennedy family. Caroline Kennedy, former US President John F. Kennedy’s daughter, married Edwin Schlossberg in 1986. Many people are interested in her family history and present relationship status. This page will go into depth about her marriage to Edwin Schlossberg, her children, her personal life, and much more.


Caroline Kennedy has long been a prominent figure due to her family’s political background. This article will look at her life, with an emphasis on her marriage to Edwin Schlossberg, and will answer the question, “Is Caroline Kennedy still married?”

Caroline Kennedy and Schlossberg’s Wedding

In 1986, Caroline Kennedy married Edwin Schlossberg. Their marriage has been filled with common interests and mutual respect.

The History of Their Marriage

They married on July 19, 1986, after meeting in the early 1980s. Their relationship has been somewhat quiet.

Caroline Kennedy

Current Situation

Caroline Kennedy, is she still married? Yes, they are still married as of today, and there has been no recent news or updates that suggest otherwise.

Caroline Kennedy’s children

Caroline and Edwin are the parents of three children. Their family is close-knit and respects their privacy.

Jack Schlossberg

Jack Schlossberg, Caroline, and Edwin’s only son has made a reputation for himself in a variety of disciplines.

Other Children

They also have two children, Rose and Tatiana, who keep a low profile.

Caroline Kennedy’s Personal Life

Caroline’s current marital status reveals that she is still married to Edwin Schlossberg, according to available information. There have been few rumors or speculations about her relationship.

Caroline Kennedy’s Age

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is 65 years old right now.

Caroline’s Height

She stands around 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Caroline Kennedy

History and Biography

Her history includes being a writer, diplomat, and a member of the famous Kennedy family.

Wedding Photographs of Rose Schlossberg

Caroline’s daughter is Rose Schlossberg. While private wedding images may exist, the family’s privacy must be maintained.

The Legacy of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Caroline’s brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., played an important part in the Kennedy family history until his sad death in 1999.

Edwin Schlossberg’s net worth

Edwin Schlossberg’s career and profession are diverse. His estimated net worth is not publicly available, however it is believed to be substantial.

Other Related Subjects

Caroline Kennedy has been on the Today Show and has links to people such as Tony Bennett, in addition to her family and marriage. The topics “sun bears” and “mega millions drawing” may be unrelated.


Caroline Kennedy’s life has been studied in this article. In response to the main query, we have verified that Caroline Kennedy is still married to Edwin Schlossberg. Many people are still fascinated by her life, which reflects a rich heritage and a close-knit family.