Carla Cutugno: Meet The Wife Of Late Iconic Singer Toto Cutugno

Toto Cutugno

Toto Cutugno, the legendary Italian singer-songwriter, died on August 22, 2023, at the age of 80. Many people throughout the world were devastated by this news. However, while we commemorate Toto, it’s important to look into his personal life and comprehend the critical role Carla Cutugno had in his path. They had been married since 1971, and their marriage had endured the test of time, despite personal changes.

Carla Cutugno was more than simply the “Toto Cutugno wife” moniker that many people associate with her. She was an integral part of Toto’s life, supporting him through highs and lows and even contributing musically in her own way. Carla, a skilled musician, demonstrated her abilities on both the piano and the guitar.

Toto Cutugno’s Relationship

Toto Cutugno and Carla’s romance started in 1969 and ended in 1971 with their marriage. Their friendship remained strong till Toto’s death. Carla was Toto’s rock, providing unflinching support throughout his musical travels and efforts.

Son of Toto Cutugno from an Extramarital Relationship

In Toto’s personal life, a big incident happened in 1990. Nico, his son from an adulterous relationship, was born to him. This episode caused stress, but Carla’s incredible fortitude and understanding helped her to forgive him, further cementing their friendship.

Toto Cutugno

Who Is Carla Cutugno?

Carla Cutugno was born in 1947 in Savona, Italy. She was more than simply “Toto Cutugno’s wife.” She was a skilled musician who played both the piano and the guitar, and her effect on Toto’s musical journey is evident.

Toto Cutugno’s Legacy and Contributions

Toto’s music was adored on every continent. His single “L’Italiano” is still remembered fondly. His winning run includes the Eurovision Song Contest in 1990 with the song “Insieme: 1992,” which sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

Toto Cutugno’s Untimely Death

The news of Toto Cutugno’s death on August 22, 2023, stunned the globe. Prior to his death, he had been having prostate cancer treatment at Milan’s San Raffaele Medical Center.

Influence on Music and Culture

Toto was a shining light on the Italian music scene. His songs, like “L’Italiano,” became anthems of Italian patriotism and were beloved across the world. He also had a huge impact on the Italo disco genre, which was prominent in the 1980s.

Biography and Professional Career of Toto Cutugno

Toto Salvatore Cutugno was born on July 7, 1943, in Fosdinovo, Italy, and began his musical career in the 1960s.
His first album, “Albatros,” published in 1976, launched a career that would see him release over 20 albums and garner several honors.

Toto Cutugno


Toto Cutugno’s legendary musical career influenced millions. As the world celebrates this great, it is also important to acknowledge the unwavering support he had from his family, particularly his wife, Carla Cutugno. Their journey together, with all of its ups and downs, exemplifies everlasting love and collaboration.