Cael Sanderson Wife: Who Is Kelly Sanderson? Relationship And Kids Explore

Cael Sanderson

Cael Sanderson’s wife, Kelly Sanderson, has two sons with the wrestling coach. The pair married in 2001 and graduated from Iowa State University. Cael Sanderson, the gold champion at the 2004 Athens Olympics, has said unequivocally that the gold would not have come home without his wife.

Cael is from a wrestling family, although his wife, Kelly, was reared by physicians. The pair have been each other’s rock, with coach Cael preferring not to reveal too much about his family situation. Cael’s coaching career started in 2004 at Iowa State, when he led his wrestlers to two individual NCAA Division I national championships. He went to Penn State in 2009 and has coached his wrestlers to 34 individual NCAA Division I championships.

Meet Cael Sanderson’s Wife, Kelly Sanderson

Cael Sanderson’s wife, Kelly Sanderson, is from Iowa. She and the former wrestler-turned-coach met while attending Iowa State University. Kelly Sanderson (née Hranac), according to her husband, is a stay-at-home parent. In a 2011 interview, Cael expressed worry about Kelly when he transferred from Iowa State to Penn State in 2009.

Cael Sanderson

However, he highlighted that Kelly had so far enjoyed Penn State College and was loving her new surroundings. Cael also said that Kelly loved spending time with the coaches’ spouses. Kelly is one of six children born to Dr. Robert Stephen Hranac and Patricia Hranac, both of whom died. Dr. Robert died in 2019, and Kelly posted a picture of him as a memorial. Robert previously mentioned that he was an enthusiastic sports fan who supported the Nebraska Huskers and Penn State University’s wrestling department. A family physician, Robert, was undoubtedly overjoyed to have a son-in-law in Cael.

Kelly has published various family images on Instagram, including those of her two sons and siblings. She’s posted photographs of herself and Cael trekking in different locales with their two sons. Cael has gushed in interviews about how Kelly’s encouragement has helped him achieve success in his life. The wrestling coach said he was grateful to have Kelly and that she always had his back. The Penn State coach said that being a parent and spouse has always been a primary focus in his life. Cael also said that without Kelly, he would not have competed in Athens in 2004. She offered him a morale boost by telling him he had toiled his whole life for this moment.

Cael and Kelly Sanderson Share Two Boys

Cael and Kelly Sanderson have two sons, Tate and Teag Sanderson. The wrestling coach does his utmost to keep his family away from social media. Cael has kept his Instagram professional, with no updates about his family. Kelly’s account includes various images of her two sons.

Cael Sanderson

Her final Instagram post, in August 2021, was of her two sons. She announced that the boys were returning to school, with Teag commencing fifth grade and Tate beginning ninth grade. Tate Sanderson, born on February 4, 2007, is the couple’s eldest son. On May 25, 2010, Cael and Kelly had their second son, Teag Sanderson. Kelly has posted countless posts demonstrating her close relationship with her two sons. Kelly has previously published photos of her two sons spending time with her mother on farms and kayaking with their father.