Brooke Burke’s Four Children Are Her Life’s Fine-Tune

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke is the mother of four children, three daughters and one son. As the adoring mother had previously stated, she raised each of her children in a unique way. Of course, raising her children with her ex-husbands couldn’t have been easy, but Burke manages to make it work.

Burke’s two eldest daughters, Neriah and Sierra, are co-parented by her first ex-husband, Garth Fisher, while her younger children, Heaven and Shaya, are co-parented by her second ex-husband, David Charvet. During an interview with Us Weekly, the mother of four discussed how her parenting abilities are always evolving.

“Just when you think you’ve got it figured out,” she explained, “you have to alter your raising abilities.”

Burke, on the other hand, was a proponent of parents choosing their own method of raising their children while accepting that every mother would have her unique piece of advice.

She stated, “Every mom out there is doing something better than you.” “And I believe we have tremendous women’s intuition, which we must trust.”

Her intuition has led her to a better connection with her exes these days, and she now has a “working divorce” with them so that they can give the greatest parenting to their children.

1. Neriah Fisher

Burke’s oldest kid, Neriah, was born in March 2000. The kid has a YouTube account with almost 50,000 fans, thanks to her heavenly voice and musical abilities. She uploads original music, cover songs, and vlogs to her YouTube account.

2. Sierra Sky Fisher

Sierra, Burke’s eldest daughter, was born in April 2002, two years younger than Burke. Sierra lives with her mother in their Los Angeles home, and she is frequently the one to keep everyone up to date on her and her sister’s wonderful escapades, which she accomplishes through social media. Burke’s daughter praised mom through an Instagram post on Mother’s Day, “Thank you both for raising us with all of your love.”

3. Heaven Rain Charvet

“Of the four, Rain is definitely my twin,” the TV personality previously told People (via Closer Weekly).
Burke had her third daughter in 2007, and she stated that the two of them had a lot in common, particularly when it came to their love of food. The mother-daughter combo appears to spend a lot of time in the kitchen together.

4. Charvet Shaya Braven

Burke’s youngest child, Shaya, is last but surely not least among his siblings. Burke and her ex-husband had their sole child in 2008. Shaya, like his sister, has his mother’s passion for cuisine. Pasta with butter, Nutella on toast, and straight-up pizza are among the reality star’s faves.

Burke has stated that she wants her children to be pure but not naïve.

“I consider myself quite fortunate to have that friendship. Not a friendship, but a close relationship is what I’m looking for “She talked about her experiences as a mom. “I believe that’s risky when it comes to parenting, but proximity is crucial.”