Blamzooka Arrested: What Did He Do? YouTuber Net Worth & Family Details


Blamzooka is a Canadian YouTuber who is alleged to have been arrested. He is a YouTuber who mostly publishes videos of individuals being pranked, Fortnite gaming sessions, and other entertaining content for his followers and viewers. On YouTube, he goes by the name @blamzooka and already has over 30k followers. On his YouTube account, he also publishes videos of himself performing tasks with his close friends, however, the YouTuber is now detained.

Is Youtuber Blamzooka in Jail? What exactly did he do?

No, the YouTuber has not been detained as of yet, since there has been no formal notification of his arrest from the authorities. However, there is unsubstantiated word that he has been charged with paedophilia. He recently uploaded photos of himself with his brother on Instagram with the comment “The End,” which may have alluded to his YouTube career. Some admirers believed he had died, however, in the same thread, another user revealed that he had been charged with Paedophilia and was not dead. However, since the occurrence has not been confirmed by the relevant authorities, this information may be incorrect.


Blamzooka Family

Blamzooka seems to be a bit guarded about his personal information, such as his family, since the YouTuber has not released many facts about them on the internet. He does, however, routinely share photos with his siblings and sisters on social networking sites such as Instagram. Unfortunately, the designer has not provided their identities in his description. He has also uploaded a photo of his Father where he calls him a Super Dad but has not revealed his name there. He has also published a family snapshot of his youth on his Instagram with his full family.

His post also hinted someone new was joining their family but did not disclose who was arriving. Sadly, little additional information about them was accessible since the YouTuber has been a bit private about his family.


Blamzooka Net Worth In 2023

Blamzooka has yet to announce his actual net worth to his followers as of 2023. However, according to different sources, his net worth is believed to be above $500,000 as of 2023. The YouTuber himself has yet to corroborate this information. Blamzooka is regularly seen traveling on several trips with his family and appears to love his lifestyle, therefore we may conclude the developer has plenty of money in the bank. However, he is not seen with fancy automobiles, designer clothing, and pricey shoes, so the YouTuber simply wants to spend money on his family.