“Basketball Wives” Stars Dj Duffey And Nia Dorsey Got Into An Intense Fight

Nia Dorsey

Tonight on Basketball Wives, DJ Duffey refused to invite Nia to her performance because she believed it would be uncomfortable amongst the ladies. Earlier in the episode, Nia attempted to apologize to Angel for her baby shower Instagram post, but Angel believed Nia’s apology was insincere.

Duffey started the day after the Las Vegas event that when she had calmed down, she messaged Nia to come to the show. Duffey also said that she never refused Nia’s cousin Noria’s invitation to the event. Noria believed she was singled out because she disagreed with other ladies. If Nia and Noria did not want to attend the birthday party, Duffey asked them to leave. The sisters refused to leave and started to confront Duffey, accusing the rest of the group of being part of this “high school sh*t.”

During the brawl, Duffey threw a paper plate at Nia, who responded by throwing other things at Duffey. The situation quickly deteriorated, and Brooke attempted to stop the females from fighting. Brooke subsequently joined the brawl and hurled a glass at Noria. Noria intended to strike Brooke but instead harmed Brandi. Security had to step in and take the females away.

Dj Duffey

Fans of Basketball Wives blame Brooke for the injury.

While Noria threw the glass at Brandi, Brooke was the one who began throwing cups and glasses at her sister. Fans of Basketball Wives chastised her for instigating the ‘violent’ phase of the brawl.



What happened on Basketball Wives tonight?

Tonight, the girls flew to Las Vegas on a private plane to celebrate Duffey’s birthday. Angel discussed the tale with Nia. Nia attempted to apologize to her, but she didn’t believe it was sincere. Nia accused Duffey of including Roccstar in the conflict by giving him the narrative, which she believed was unnecessary. Jennifer explained to the women that Nia was unconcerned about the matter since she had a child out of wedlock. Nia and Angel went for a stroll and worked out their problems.


Nia was subsequently denied entry to her show by Duffey. Duffey had intended to stop DJing after the event, but she elected not to do so. She also said that she will begin making songs. Duffey met with French, a music producer, to persuade him to collaborate on a project. She also attempted to arrange a date between the French and British people. Duffey said that she had never seen such British giggling before. Malaysia and Jackie reconciled and embraced, putting a stop to their argument.

According to the episode synopsis,

“On the Vegas vacation, tensions rise as Nia tries to apologize to Angel, but the other girls are skeptical of her sincerity. Duffey does her last DJ show, but has second thoughts about calling it quits for good.”