Awkwafina Addresses The Blaccent Controversy And Quits Twitter


Awkwafina is not a fan of the Twitter community, and she announced her departure after addressing the ‘Blaccent’ topic with which she has been connected for years. After being accused of years of utilizing African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) in her performances, the actress eventually issued a detailed comment on the subject.

The rapper-turned-comedian-turned-actress tweeted on February 5:

“However, as a non-black ROC, I will always listen and strive relentlessly to learn the history and context of AAVE, as well as what is regarded suitable or retrograde for the growth of ANY and EVERY disadvantaged group.”

Awkwafina also stated:

“I must emphasize: To ridicule, humiliate, or be nasty to others in any manner imaginable is: Simply. Not in my nature. It never has and never will be.”


Awkwafina answers to criticism after being chastised for using the term ‘Blaccent.’

Following her breakout appearances in 2018 in films like Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians, the actress, whose actual name is Nora Lum, was embroiled in several disputes including “cultural appropriation” and the usage of AAVE. Even before the premiere of Crazy Rich Asians, Lum had been praised for portraying Peik Lin Goh, a member of the Black community, in her part. The character remarked in one of her dialogues:

“However, you can’t swerve.” Chickens, man, are bi**hes! You’re not a bird. You’re going to pull up to that wedding and say, “Bawk Bawk, bi**h!”


Bettina Makalintal wrote in her essay for Vice two years later:

“The lady born Nora Lum enacted a succession of racial stereotypes for coolness and clout as she stole from Black culture to establish a reputation for herself.”

The 33-year-old actress has experienced similar criticism in the past, including accusations of copying African-American culture as a rapper. Awkwafina explained that she recognized AAVE’s “sociopolitical setting” and “historical context.” The actress also said that dominating groups have often taken African-American culture for monetary benefit with little regard for its origins.

The Shang-Chi actor went on to say that her “American identity” is influenced by movies and TV programs, as well as her interactions with people since she was a youngster. She stated:

“I believe Asian-Americans as a group are still figuring out what that trip means for them, what is proper, and where they don’t belong.”
Following her reaction to these accusations, Awkwafina declared her withdrawal from the platform in another tweet. She referred to Twitter as an “ingrown toenail” in the message.

Twitter was infuriated by Awkwafina’s “apology” for using Blaccent.

Several comments implied that the actress had refused to apologize for supposedly exploiting Black culture in her career. Others alleged she portrayed “all Asians” as a group in order to dodge responsibility on her part. In numerous of her efforts, including her comedy and rap songs, Awkwafina demonstrated the imitation or appropriation of African-American accents and mannerisms. Her latest films, however, such as the MCU’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Five Rings, did not showcase her representation in this fashion.