Audra Frimpong Curry Is Criticized By Fans After She Brought Up Toya’s Personal Business

Audra Frimpong Curry

Married to Medicine will premiere another dramatic episode on Bravo on Sunday, September 11, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. During the one-hour show, there was a lot of tension amongst the group members as old problems were brought up, relationships were questioned, and rumors were spread. Some of the females avoided the drama, while others made an effort to convey their point.

Since her debut this season, Audra hasn’t gotten along with Toya. The pair argued from the start, and their relationship has only deteriorated since. They had a fight over brands and labeling on this week’s episode of Married to Medicine, after which Audra called Toya out on her home purchase rate.

Things took a turn for the worst at Quad’s Christmas party when Audra accused Toya of influencing the selling price of her property. The newcomer pulled out her phone calculator to figure out how much money Toya got from selling the home. Fans, on the other hand, were unhappy with Audra since they thought her conduct was very inappropriate, and one fan even said, “She can leave.”

Audra, a newbie to Married to Medicine, criticizes Toya’s housing pricing.

The women went to Quad’s Christmas party, and trouble ensued. Anila and her friend Zaina reportedly circulated tales about Toya sleeping with another guy in the area while cheating on her spouse. But it wasn’t the only criticism directed at Toya. Audra and Toya had previously been bickering over one or more issues and hadn’t had the opportunity to connect or work out their disagreements.

Audra Frimpong Curry

Audra confronted Toya on a recent episode of Married to Medicine for remarking on other people’s outfits and meddling in other people’s affairs.

She confessed in a confessional:

“Toya has clearly provoked me. You can’t blame the bear if it attacks, okay? You’ll have to blame yourself for poking it.”

Audra then got out her phone and typed on her calculator to verify that Toya lied about making a million dollars from the sale of her home. Some of the women were perplexed as to where Audra was coming from or why she was giving a “math lesson” in the middle of nowhere. Heavenly, on the other hand, said that it was inappropriate for the newcomer to “put somebody’s business out there.”

Toya confessed that the idea that the Married to Medicine debutant was researching her assets was terrifying and uncalled for. The two stars had previously argued on the program when Toya remarked on Audra’s dinner attire. The latter accused Toya of being greedy and label-obsessed. Audra further said that she controlled her funds according to her budget and that it was not Toya’s place to remark on it when she was wearing branded items.

Audra Frimpong Curry

Fans criticize Audra for publicizing Toya’s company on Married to Medicine.

Fans were unhappy with Audra for publicly criticizing Toya over the selling of her home. They resorted to social media to vent their displeasure with the situation. With all that was going on, some branded her a “weirdo,” while others thought the series didn’t need Audra anymore.



According to a teaser given at the conclusion of the Married to Medicine episode, there will be more squabbles between Toya and Audra. Following the current debate, the two are shown in a physical struggle, with Toya punching the other cast member in the face.