Ashvin Luximon Passed Away At The Age Of 38

Ashvin Luximon

Ashvin Luximon, who played Asif Malik in EastEnders, died on July 23 from an aneurysm at the age of 38. On August 11, he was laid to rest. Following the actor’s passing, Luximon’s family established a memorial website to raise donations for various organizations. In a statement, they said,

“Ash’s untimely death has hurt us all deeply, but we want to commemorate his larger-than-life attitude.””

They went on to say,

“He liked and was adored by many people. He was a great karaoke singer with a voice that could be heard from space! He offered the finest cuddling and joy.”

Luximon’s family asked that his admirers give to causes such as the NSPCC and Andy’s Man Club. Ashvin’s family recommended that everyone wear colorful clothes instead of black to commemorate Luximon’s ideas about living the way he wanted them to. A casual meeting was also planned at The Cavalier bar in Barnet.

Ashvin Luximon character in EastEnders’

Asif Malik, played by Ashvin Luximon, first appears in 1999. He portrayed Martin Fowler’s high school classmate. In the play, both Fowler and Malik were involved in a variety of issues, including stealing and vandalism. Luximon’s character was largely linked to the plots of Martin and his classmates, Nicky Di Marco and Janine Butcher. In the episode, Malik developed a fancy for Janine, but it was never returned; he also went on a couple of dates with Nicky, which did not work out.

Ashvin Luximon

Luximon, who was born in Enfield, appears in 146 EastEnders episodes. Malik last appeared on the program in October 2003, after the completion of his A-levels and enrollment in the university. After that, he was no longer on the program, and it was revealed the following year that he was a resident of Edinburgh and was getting married when he asked Martin to a stag party off-screen. EastEnders, created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, originally aired in 1985. The narrative of the series, which dealt with subjects such as violence, r*pe, murder, and abuse, was both lauded and ridiculed.

Twitter users pay tribute

Despite having just two acting credits to his name, Ashvin Luximon was well-known among the crowd for his faultless performances. When word of his death spread, Twitter was inundated with tributes:



Luximon had a key role in Grange Hill in 1997, in addition to his involvement in EastEnders. He grew up in North London, going to Bowden’s Theatre School and Chase Community School.