Are Abbie Herbert And Chris Olsen Related? Find More About It

Abbie Herbert

Fans of TikTokers Abbie Herbert and Chris Olsen are wondering whether the two are related. This follows the former referring to Olsen as her child’s uncle. Herbert rose to online fame after revealing that she had given her kid the moniker “Poot.” On TikTok, the influencer has roughly 11 million followers. Last week, she was ridiculed by fans over the six-year age gap between Abbie and her husband, Josh.

On February 2, Herbert shared a TikTok video of Chris Olsen and Poot, a nine-month-old puppy. The unexpected crossover was a hit with fans.

“Uncle” Chris, according to Abbie Herbert, had traveled down from Pittsburgh to give his niece a visit. She also referred to the TikToker as “brother.”

Is Abbie Herbert connected to Chris Olsen?

Chris Olsen is most recognized for his hilarious material on TikTok. On the video-sharing app, he has over six million followers. The above-mentioned video of Chris meeting Poot has gotten a lot of attention on the internet. Fans could see the infant connecting with her “uncle” right away.

Abbie Herbert

A few internet comments questioned the sibling relationship read:

“Whaaaat?! I’m not sure whether this is a prank or if he’s really your brother lol.” “I’m having trouble connecting the dots. “All I want to know is why it took so long to meet?”

Another internet remark read:

“Is he your brother?” “Which chapter did I miss?”

Chris Olsen

At the time of writing, neither Abbie Herbert nor Chris Olsen had confirmed their relationship. The latter seems to be following through on the rumors. “I adore my niece,” he said on Herbert’s TikTok. Chris Olsen, on the other hand, has a stepsister, Carolina Olsen. After his father married his stepmother, the two became siblings. Fans are still intrigued about Herbert and Olsen’s connection. Many others went so far as to look up Olsen’s maiden name. That information, however, has not yet been made accessible online.