Antonis Moraes- All About The Father Of Ederson Santana de Moraes

Antonis Moraes

Ederson Santana de Moraes, son of Manchester City and Brazil national team goalkeeper Antonis Moraes, was born Ederson Santana de Moraes.

Quick Facts

Full NameAntonis Moraes
First NameAntonis
Last NameMoraes
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryBrazil
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJoelma Moraes
No Of Children3


Antonis married his wife Joelma many years ago. In 1991, the couple relocated to Osasco, where their son was born. Antonis chose to enroll his boys Remerson and Ederson in football school in order to keep them off the streets because he was concerned that the streets would teach his sons that it is not necessary to study. Antonis made a career by stacking fruits onto trucks in Osasco.

Despite their financial difficulties, they instilled in their son strong moral values and did all they could to make his ambition of being a professional player a reality. In an interview with Ederson’s documentary, his wife Joelma stated it was difficult to wash his clothing since he used to come home covered in mud, and she needed to wash them every day because they didn’t have a replacement kit. Antonis said that they did not have enough money to purchase kits, so they did the best they could.

Antonis Moraes

His kid attributes 99% of his success to him

Ederson is thankful to his parents for paving the way to success. In an interview, he said that his parents, particularly his father, constantly supported him and worked hard to give him whatever he needed. He is fully aware of his parents’ journey, the hardships and sacrifices they made, the tears they shed, and the obstacles they had to conquer. So he claims that his father is responsible for 99% of his accomplishments, describing him as a guy who worked hard to get him to where he is now.

His kid was on the verge of quitting football.

Ederson is now regarded as one of the world’s top goalkeepers. However, his career was not without challenges. He was just 15 years old when he went through a difficult event that led to despair. In an interview, he confessed that he was rejected by Sao Paulo for no apparent reason, leaving him despondent for a month. His mother was the first to get word from the club’s director that Ederson was no longer in Sao Paulo’s plans. He recalled a difficult period in his early career when he was distraught when he learned the news from his mother and stepped outdoors, unable to keep back his emotions.

He said that having to endure a harsh scenario was challenging. He was despondent for a month and pondered quitting, but his parents were a rock and persuaded him to return to playing. Everything else is history.

He fell in love with goalkeeping at first sight

Ederson began playing football barefoot in the streets of Osasco at a young age, and it became his love. He joined Sao Paulo at the age of 11. He began as a full-back, which he describes as a challenging position, and he struggled to monitor their runs. Then he approached his coach and requested if he might play goalie. He performed well in his first training session, making many saves.

Antonis Moraes

It was love at first sight for him when he initially began as a goalie, he added. He attributes his footwork to his background as a full-back, as well as his time playing futsal as a Goleiro Linha, a goalie who relies heavily on his feet. When asked by The Telegraph what he enjoys most about being a goalie, he said that it is his responsibility. He believes that the goalie in football has greater responsibility. The goalie may make five incredible saves in a game, but if he makes one mistake, everyone will remember it. He also said that the goalie is one of the key players who must remain focused throughout the 90-minute game. He said, “It’s fantastic to have that pressure and responsibility.”

Net Worth

His net worth is presently being calculated. We now know the net worth of his illustrious son, who is emerging as one of the most promising prospects. With a transfer price of 35 million pound sterling, Ederson became the most expensive goalkeeper of all time in terms of the nominal value of pound sterling when he joined Manchester City in 2017. His net worth is expected to be approximately $15 million as of December 2023.