Anna Mariana Casemiro- All About The Wife Of Casemiro

Anna Mariana Casemiro

Anna Mariana Casemiro is a Brazilian-born beauty best known as the wife of Casemiro, one of the world’s top defensive midfielders. Carlos Henrique Casimiro is a Brazilian national team and Manchester United player. He was a former Real Madrid player who won 15 major championships with the club. Anna is presently employed as a make-up artist. She is also an entrepreneur. Her schooling includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Quick Facts

Full NameAnna Mariana Casemiro
First NameAnna
Middle NameMariana
Last NameCasemiro
Birth NameAnna Mariana Ortega
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth CountryBrazil
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children2
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1989
Age34 years
Married DateJune 28, 2014

Anna did practically everything alone on her big day

Anna married the love of her life on June 28, 2014, in Itatiba Sp, Brazil, in front of 400 people. Because of her determined character, Casemiro stated he helped her feel at ease in selecting practically everything on their wedding day. Anna met her future husband when he was playing for Sao Paolo. Anna Mariana Casemiro and Casemiro on their wedding day.

Anna is the mother of two lovely children, a boy, and a girl, whom she shares with her husband. Their first daughter Sara was born on March 6, 2016, and their son Caio was born in late 2021. In an interview, Casemiro said that his daughter has stated that she would support Atleti when she grows up, and that he will let her support anyone she wants, but that he expects his daughter to be well-behaved. According to him, he sees people outside the stadium with small children criticizing others and doing nasty things, which he believes is not a healthy way to nurture children, and this is why his daughter can support either Leganes or Atletico. She must, however, act appropriately.

Anna Mariana Casemiro

Her husband’s preoccupation with football irritates her at times.

In an interview, the player said that his fixation with the game sometimes irritates Anna. He claims that he is so obsessed with football that he exclusively watches football at home. That irritates his wife. He likes viewing post-game data and films. He sometimes watches it three or four times. He believes that viewing his game three or four times is a good method to learn and progress by fixing faults and that it is his work that he enjoys. He believes football to be his life and claims to have to think about it constantly.

A poor and difficult childhood

Casemiro had a difficult upbringing due to poverty and adversity. Because of the great poverty, there were occasions when there was no food on the table and I was forced to go to bed on an empty stomach. Not only was the food limited, but they also had no permanent place to dwell, and Casemiro would wind up sleeping at his grandparents’ or teammates’ houses for a good sleep before games.

He was just five years old when his parents had a violent fight, following which his father left the home and never returned, leaving his mother to handle. He claims he will not know his father if he meets him on the street today. But he has no grudges and has always wanted to see him since he believes it was something God meant for him. Football and his mother, Venancio Magda de Mario Casemiro, who was constantly at his side, were his only escape from all of that as a five-year-old youngster.

She used to work as a cleaner to support her three children, Casemiro, Bianca, and Lucas. So all he has now and everything he has accomplished today are due to his mother, adds Casemiro. He was afflicted with hepatitis shortly after joining Sao Paolo, and as a result, he was sidelined for some time. Even when he healed, he considered retiring from football, but his background and family tragedies inspired him to continue playing.

Anna Mariana Casemiro

Net Worth

Her net worth is being assessed. We currently know her husband’s net worth, which is $10.5 million a year as of December 2023. (GBP). His net worth is believed to be approximately $15 million.