Anders Holm State That He Used To Stalked His Wife While He Was In His Highschool

Anders Holm

Anders Holm is nothing like his character on Comedy Central’s Workaholics, Anders Holmvik. They may have the same name, but that is the extent of their similarities. While Holmvik is unmarried and would probably never be able to maintain a girl in the Workaholics frat house, Holm is married to Emma Nesper.  Fans may know Holm from The Mindy Project as Mindy Khaling’s pastor boyfriend and The Intern as Anne Hathaway’s stay-at-home spouse. But he is most known for playing Anders Holmvik, a fictionalized version of himself.  Everything we know about Holm, his wife, and their family is included here.

Anders Holm Stalked his Wife

Holm and his wife met in high school/college and are high school/college sweethearts. Holm told Harper’s Bazar that they first met at summer camp when he was 12 years old, but it wasn’t until high school that he developed feelings for his wife. He said that they met during cosmic bowling while they were in high school. He observed her wearing “these tiny white shorts” in the semi-darkness and thought, “she appears cool from here.” He pursued her for months after that, learning that she was a respectable and very brilliant “person with a large brain and not just a pair of white shorts.” They began dating while both attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Anders Holm
Anders Holm wife

Holm earned a history degree, while his wife earned a journalism degree. Holm traveled to Los Angeles after graduating to make it in the realm of television, which was easier said than done. Initially, he did odd jobs, but his perseverance and self-discipline paid off. Nesper met Holm in Los Angeles, where he began his comedic career. While Holm made lewd jokes, Nesper worked for non-profits, attempting to alleviate poverty in developing countries. And sometime in the middle, in 2011, the couple married. According to the actor, who has been married to his wife for almost a decade, the secret to their long-term relationship is their commitment to making it work.

Anders Holm on Becoming a Father

Naturally, the actor and his partner’s next move was to have a family, which they did when they had two children. On December 19, 2013, the couple welcomed their first child. The very secretive couple has kept their kid out of the public eye. A few weeks later, though, the actor couldn’t help but share a photo of his baby with his Instagram fans. Holm posted a video of his cute kid sobbing while dressed in brown and gray pajamas.

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Despite the fact that the baby was distressed, his comic father made a joke about it by adding slow motion and a loud and deep narration to the video. That was the only time Holm’s fans got to see his child. He and his wife have kept their son’s identity completely hidden, so much so that the public isn’t even aware of his son’s name. Holm and Nesper then had a second child. There isn’t much information available, however, he told People in 2020 that his 2-year-old kid will be a “great young guy eventually.”