Anamaria Goltes- Luka Doncic’s Girlfriend How Did the Couple’s Relationship Begin?

Anamaria Goltes

Any NBA fan will likely be familiar with pro basketball player Luka Doncic. He earned attention during his rookie season, named NBA Rookie of the Year. Additionally, he has coached the Dallas Mavericks to numerous victories.

While his supporters are always interested in Doncic’s career, they are also interested in his personal life. Thus, searches for Anamaria Goltes, Luka Doncic’s girlfriend, are nothing new. To be sure, she is a prosperous woman who also creates fashion and leisure materials. Anamaria, Luka’s partner, has remained out of the public eye since their relationship began. Many may be wondering how the couple’s relationship began. So, let’s look at how the two met, how they started dating, and other things in this article.

Anamaria, Luka Doncic’s girlfriend, is a model and dancer.

Anamaria, Luka Doncic’s girlfriend, is a native Slovenian who grew up there with her family. She attended a school near her home before enrolling at Ljubljana University. The lovely lady must have had an early interest in fashion and dancing. She was found and brought to the U.S. by IMG’s Instagram-based We Love Your Genes project.

Anamaria Goltes net worth
Anamaria Goltes

According to Heavy, Goltes was a model for the Slovenian firm Lisca. She has modeled for the brand’s lingerie advertisements on multiple occasions. Additionally, she served as a brand ambassador for Lisca’s Cheek cosmetics line.

Is A Creator Of Fashion And Lifestyle Content

Anamaria Doncic, Luka Doncic’s partner, has leveraged her modeling skills to generate stylish material. She maintains an official website and blog sharing fashion ideas and tips. The model suggests night care products on her blog, shares fashion tips, and discusses new releases. Additionally, she guides home decor products and accessories.

Anamaria Goltes age
Anamaria Goltes

Luka and Anamaria, his partner, were childhood friends.

Luka’s first contact with his lady love, Anamaria, dates back to their youth. Both met for the first time when they were twelve years old on the Croatian coast. The couple became fast friends due to their shared group of pals. Luka later went on to play for Real Madrid at the age of thirteen. Following that, he spent five years competing for the club. Similarly, Anamaria, Luka Doncic’s girlfriend, may have prioritized her studies. Despite their drifting apart, the lovers stayed friends.

The Pair’s Next Meeting And The Establishment Of A Relationship

As previously stated, Luka’s partner, Anamaria, relocated to the United States after being scouted by IMG. As a result, she may have met him in America following her relocation. The pair began dating in 2016. Both, however, had a brief split in 2018 before Doncic’s NBA draft. Other sources indicate that the duo had unfriended one another on Instagram.

Thankfully, the two reunited after a few months apart. Since then, the couple has been living a happy life together.

Anamaria Is Dedicated To Her Boyfriend Luka’s Professional Success.

According to legend, a woman is responsible for every man’s achievements. That must also be the case for Doncic, whose boyfriend, Goltes, is constantly cheering him on. Anamaria Goltes, Luka Doncic’s fiancĂ©e, periodically posts about his basketball accomplishments on her Instagram account. Additionally, she never misses one of his contests.

Anamaria Goltes and Luka Doncic
Anamaria Goltes

Additionally, the duo spent time together during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. Both were unable to go and remained at their Dallas home. Additionally, Anamaria, Luka’s lady love, frequently published photos of their time together on social media. While perusing the lovebirds’ Instagram pages, it’s clear that they often upload pictures of themselves hanging out, traveling, and vacationing. Both are open about their relationship in public. Additionally, the duo frequently attends public events and celebrations together.

Luka and Anamaria, his true love, are the parents of two canines, Hugo and Gia. Additionally, the pets have a 34.1K-follower Instagram account.

As of yet, the Mavericks player has not disclosed any marriage plans. Rather than that, he may be satisfied with spending time with his long-term partner, Anamaria. Hopefully, we will soon hear the wedding bells.