Amara la Negra How Her Ex-Boyfriend Make Homeless

Amara la Negra

Amara La Negra has been on a high for a long time. She dominated the Spanish music platforms and broke through to the mainstream, where she is regarded as an actor, singer, and, most importantly, all-arounder. The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star recently opened up about her journey.

Quick Facts

Popular AsDiana Danelys De Los Santos
Age33 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Born4 October 1990
Birthday4 October
BirthplaceMiami, Florida, United States
NationalityUnited States

Amara la Negra Net worth in 2024

Amara la Negra’s net worth is about $2 million as of January 2024.

The Story of a Dramatic Breakup

People worldwide witnessed her dramatic and painful breakup on Love & Hip Hop. Fortunately, the majority of the public reaction was positive. Their love was soaring until it suffered a heartbreaking break-off. Amara La Negra described how she found parallels between the Emjay she dealt with and the Emjay described by his ex-girlfriend Anne.

Everything eventually fell apart due to the wide disparities in opinions. Rumor has it that Emjay was in a live-in relationship with Amara primarily for her money and abundance. Amara even stated that EmJay tried to pursue and be an aide to Amara rather than seeking and advancing his career.

Being a homeless person

Amara La Negra explained that her ex-boyfriend was in charge of her finances. She revealed on The Real that when her relationship with her ex-boyfriend ended, she had to live in her car for three months at a time. She never left her mother’s side. When the relationship was discovered unexpectedly, she and her mother were forced to seek refuge inside the car.

Amara la Negra
Amara la Negra

“I was living in a car. I would park in front of supermarkets that had cameras, and no one knew I was doing it, “Amara revealed

Amara on Black Men Dating

Surprisingly, Latinos are subjected to subtle racism in their immediate surroundings. During a recent interview with Vlad TV, the 39-year-old singer revealed that she grew up hearing about people’s “major la raza” mentalities. Her mother’s friends constantly advise her not to date black men. They discourage her from marrying a black man because she must think about ‘bettering the race,’ as she puts it.

On a personal level, the 29-year-old Afro-Latina singer claims that this mentality acts as brainwashing and has been passed down for years. For example, she has heard that she is so beautiful that she deserves to marry a European or an Italian. But she retaliated, saying she realized the problem wasn’t with her but with the others. “Like it’s not me, it’s you,” she explained, “because if you tell me not to like that, then you’re telling me to self-hate myself.”

Amara La Negra has purchased a home, which she shares with her mother and current boyfriend, as her brilliant career in TV and music soars.