Allison Gandlin Pregnancy News: Is She Expecting A Child? NFL Player Baby Rumor

Allison Gandlin

Allison Gandlin, the inaugural Flag Football Player of the Year, is not pregnant. The pregnancy rumors began following her recent appearance at the NFL Awards Ceremony. Gandlin, an 18-year-old Rutgers University School of Engineering student, is reaching new heights in flag football and was just named flag football player of the year with Ryder Noche.

Several individuals on the internet began remarking on the athlete’s figure and asking if the girl was pregnant.
Gandlin, a Staten Island native, formerly played on the MSIT boys’ tackle football team. She joined the girls’ flag football squad at New Dorp last year.

Is Allison Gandlin Pregnant?

Allison Gandlin’s pregnancy speculations began when she attended the 2024 NFL Awards Ceremony. It’s a pity that most people have chosen to concentrate on Allison’s appearance rather than her accomplishments. Allison and Ryder Noche were the first two NFL Flag Football Players of the Year winners last night. Alison’s body shape became more obvious while wearing a body-hugging garment, prompting speculation that Gandlin was pregnant.

Allison Gandlin

Allison is reported to be just 18 years old and participates in a highly competitive sport that needs participants to be swift, nimble, and physically powerful. They must adhere to stringent food regimes designed specifically for their bodies’ demands. So, even if Allison seems to have gained weight, this is most likely due to the game’s demands. Allison enrolled at Rutgers University’s School of Engineering last year and is one of the most promising athletes in her division. And considering her age, it’s unlikely she’d want to create a family right now.

Allison, a Staten Island Technical High School alumnus, played tackle football at McKee/S.I. Tech before joining New Dorp’s flag football team last year. Allison chose to play for New Dorp since McKee/S.I. Tech did not have a flag team.

Alison Gandlin Sister, Valerie Gandlin

Allison Gandlin’s younger sister, Valerie Gandlin, has followed in her footsteps as a flag player. She is presently a Tottenville High School student-athlete, and Williams Woods University extended her first formal offer last year. Both sisters are members of the Staten Island Giants. Valerie’s Instagram feed has been entirely dedicated to her flag football career. Valarie and her squad won the Gold Division in the Fall Brawl last year as well.

Allison Gandlin

Valerie and her team were not only Gold Division Champions, but also New York Jets Regional Champions, and they received $5,000 as a prize. The two sisters have kept their social media accounts professional and haven’t posted anything about their family.