Alexis Maloney And Hunter Parr Tie The Knot In A Dreamy Floral-Themed Ceremony

Alexis Maloney And Hunter Parr

Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr of The Ultimatum have married. On June 18, the pair got married in a sweet and dreamlike floral-themed wedding ceremony at the Wayfarers Chapel and Palos Verdes Golf Club in Palos Verdes, California. Following their engagement on the Netflix reality series The Ultimatum, the couple were anxious to marry, create a kid, and spend the rest of their lives together.


Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr’s wedding details include ten bridesmaids, two outfits, and more.

They began planning their wedding soon after becoming engaged. According to People, Hunter also said that having his mother, a wedding planner, oversee the whole event was a “bonus.” Hunter added that he and Alexis wanted his brother to “talk throughout our ceremony and be a centerpiece of it” for their floral-themed wedding. Hunter revealed the theme of their wedding, saying:

“The major themes for us were family first, traditional flow, live music, a lot of fun — and [an] open bar.” Then there were the details, and Alexis did an excellent job at visualizing her ideal wedding. Whites, greens, and florals dominate the motif.”

Alexis Maloney And Hunter Parr

The newlyweds were escorted on their wedding day by ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen. In terms of specifics, the bride stated:

“There are a lot of folks our age.” My bridesmaids are dressed in black gowns, which is certainly not the norm, particularly in June in California. But, looking back at the images and videos, it will still be fashionable, which was very important to me.”

The bride wore two Berta gowns. One was a “beautiful” outfit that she wore for much of the night. At about 11 p.m., she changed into her “sparkly and lively” short dress for their “sparkler departure as we roll out of there.”

Alexis Maloney And Hunter Parr


At the reception, the newlyweds danced the night away to live versions of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer, Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love, and other songs. Following their wedding, the pair are looking forward to their honeymoon in Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens, where they plan to spend some quality time together. Hunter described their trip places as follows:

“We wanted to travel somewhere that neither of us had gone and wanted to go together, so we can’t wait.”

The pair also shared videos and photos from their wedding day on their Instagram accounts.