Alex Venegas Of The Island Boys Were Present During The S.W.A.T. Raid

Island Boys

On February 7, 2021, S.W.A.T. attacked the Florida house of the TikTok twins, Island Boys, created by Alex and Franky Venegas. Andrew James Thomas, an old buddy, was arrested as a consequence of the raid. Thomas had been living with the boys for a few days when he was arrested on suspicion of a drive-by shooting of an 8-year-old child and other offenses. The TikTokers, on the other hand, are not facing any charges and are collaborating with the authorities.

Alex Venegas of the Island Boys was present during the raid.

Alex, who was present throughout the raid, said that Thomas had a black revolver that he sought to conceal immediately before the raid. Alex said that Thomas approached him with the pistol and requested his assistance, which he declined.

 Island Boys

He informed the cops that Thomas had gone into the laundry room and returned empty-handed. During the search, police discovered the pistol inside the laundry room closet. The manager of the Island Boys informed TMZ that they were ignorant of the incident. Thomas and the boys had grown up together, and he “simply knew him as a quiet child,” he said. He continued, saying:

“He’d come and hang around and do his thing before going back to whatever he was up to, but we had no idea about any of these charges against him.” We only knew him as a kind guy who grew up with the Island Boys.” “We would never have let him on the property if we had known anything like this was going on.”



Thomas is accused of first-degree murder, possessing a firearm, and violating his probation in a prior robbery case. Ronziyah ‘Ziyah’ Atkins, an eight-year-old girl, is said to be the victim of his murder accusation. Ziyah was shot at 7 p.m. on February 4th while playing in her front yard. She was taken to a Palm Beach County hospital but died as a result of her injuries. Authorities suspect Thomas meant to attack someone else, but no other information has been revealed. He is being detained at the Broward County Main Jail for a court appearance.

The Island Boys are most known for their freestyle rap song “Island Boy,” which has received over 10 million views on YouTube. Frank goes under the stage moniker “Kodiyakredd,” while Alex goes by “Flyysoulja.” The brothers have popular TikTok accounts, with Frank having over 2.9 million followers and Alex having over 5.6 million. One of the twins was recently accused of beating Montaisha, his girlfriend.