Alex Morgan Husband: Who Is She Married To? Relationship And Love Life

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan, known across the globe for her soccer talent, has always piqued the interest of fans both on and off the field. She is a striker in the American professional soccer league. She is the captain of the San Diego Wave FC of the National Women’s Soccer League, the highest level of women’s professional soccer in the United States, as well as the captain of the United States women’s national soccer team. Her personal life has received a lot of attention, despite her great career, which includes two World Cups and an Olympic gold medal. Indeed, there is a touching narrative of love and camaraderie behind Alex Morgan, the soccer great. She is happily married, which adds another intriguing depth to her already unique life.

Alex Morgan’s Personal Life

Alex Morgan, who was born in 1989 in San Dimas, California, started his road to becoming a soccer superstar at a young age. She polished her abilities at the University of California, Berkeley, where she was twice named All-American. Her incredible journey took her to the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), where she began her career with the Seattle Sounders Women. She became a member of Orlando Pride in 2016. Her talent isn’t confined to local competitions; she’s also a significant member of the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT), having scored 117 goals in 190 appearances.

Alex Morgan

Servando Carrasco: Alex Morgan’s Husband

Servando Carrasco, a professional soccer player, has won Alex Morgan’s heart. He met Alex at Berkeley and began their love adventure in 2011. He is now involved with the San Diego Loyal SC of the USL Championship.

The Love Story of Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco

The pair met at university and fell in love because of their common love of soccer. In 2014, they promised to spend their lives together, weaving their hopes and goals together. Their delight was multiplied when their daughter, Charlie Elena, was born in 2020. The pair embraces fatherhood with the same zeal as they do soccer, finding ultimate bliss in their tiny bundle of joy.

Despite their hectic schedules, Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco never miss an opportunity to preserve their friendship. They travel the world together, boosting one other’s professions while enjoying the love they share.

Rising Above Obstacles: Their Bond’s Triumph

Life as a professional athlete is not without its difficulties. Alex and Servando have been through it all, from long-distance separations to coping with the rigors of their work. Nonetheless, their tie is unbroken, with mutual support serving as the foundation of their partnership.

Keeping the Flame of Love Alive

The passage of more than a decade hasn’t dimmed Alex and Servando’s feelings for one other. They keep the flame of their love burning hot by spending quality time together and engaging in open conversation.

Alex Morgan

Power Couple Goals for Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco

Apart from being soccer stars, Alex and Servando have a tremendous social media following, with over 10 million followers on Instagram alone. They utilize their position to inspire others and support issues like gender equality and women’s empowerment, extending their impact beyond the soccer field.

Alex Morgan’s Enduring Love Story

To address the question, “Who is Alex Morgan married to?” she is married to Servando Carrasco, her supporting, caring, and equally accomplished spouse. Millions have been inspired by their inspirational path from college sweethearts to power couples.