Alec Baldwin Fired Back After Rob Schneider Criticized Him On SNL

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, an American actor, has replied to comedian Rob Schneider’s recent criticism of Saturday Night Live and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton portrayals. On September 1, Baldwin, 64, who has hosted SNL 17 times, turned to Instagram and released a long video criticizing Schneider.

“I suppose it must be an unusually sluggish news cycle if we’re discussing Rob Schneider’s opinions on Kate McKinnon impersonating Hillary Clinton so many years ago.”

While Alec Baldwin, a Democrat, claimed that he finds Schneider “very, very funny” and applauded his “amazing run” on the program, where he was a cast member for four years from 1990 to 1994, he also made a comment on his conservative beliefs.

“You must use caution when criticizing people’s judgment. And you turn around and halt for a minute, realizing that their judgment previously led them to employ you.”

From 2016 through 2020, Baldwin played former American President Donald Trump on the sketch comedy program. In the video, the Beetlejuice actor refers to Trump as a “maniac.”

“I’ve seen conservatives claim that there’s a prejudice against them, which I believe is awful.” There are individuals I know who are conservatives, and arch-conservatives, and I won’t identify them… Trump is the first president in our country’s history who has been unaffected by the process. It must be difficult for the world’s Rob Schneiders. It must be difficult knowing your boyfriend is a lunatic.”


Rob Schneider, 58, blasted Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of the former President In 2018, saying that he did not find Alec’s portrayal of Trump amusing, adding, “(Baldwin) so plainly despises the guy he’s portraying.” In response to his criticism, the Edge actor stated:

“I created a cartoon of [Trump].” I intended to push him to the brink of insanity.”

The actor went on to say that SNL “must be doing something well,” since season 48 will premiere this autumn.

What did Rob Schneider say about Saturday Night Live that prompted Alec Baldwin to respond?

Rob Schneider recently went on The Glenn Beck Podcast and made news for contentious remarks, claiming that Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton imitation in the 2016 SNL episode spoiled the performance.

“I despise trashing my former show.”

He went on to bash Clinton, who was defeated in the presidential election by Donald Trump and drew Kate McKinnon into the fray.

“When Hillary Clinton lost—which is reasonable given the circumstances— She isn’t the most rational person in the room. Then Kate McKinnon walked out on Saturday Night Live in the chilly opening and everything, dressed as Hillary Clinton, and she began performing ‘Hallelujah.'”

Robert Michael Schneider
Robert Michael Schneider

He went on to say,

“‘Please have a joke at the end,’ I genuinely implored. Don’t do it. Please do not go there.’ And there was no joke at the end, so I said, ‘It’s finished.’ It’s all over. It’s not coming back.'”

Rob Schneider has yet to reply to Alec Baldwin’s long film denouncing his statements.