Aja Metoyer’s Relationship With Ex-Partners And Her Kids

Aja Metoyer

Aja Metoyer, who rose to fame in 2017 as the star of VH1’s reality show Basketball Wives, is a mother of three children.

Her two ex-partners share custody of her children. With her ex-husband, Damon Wayans Jr., she gave birth to her first two children, Aniya and Amara Wayans.

She then divorced Wayans Jr. and had a brief relationship with Dwyane Wade, a former NBA player. On November 10, 2013, she gave birth to a son, Xavier Zechariah Wade with him. She later ended her relationship with Wade, and now she is raising her three children as a single mother.

Aja Metoyer
Aja Metoyer

Dwyane Wade and Aja Metoyer have a son together.

Metoyer and Wade’s relationship was first brought to light in 2013 when it was revealed that the reality TV star had given birth to Wade’s son, Xavier.

Aja Metoyer
Aja Metoyer kids

The news was initially met with controversy, as the baby was born just six weeks before Wade’s engagement to actress Gabrielle Union.

Metoyer and Wade, on the other hand, handled the situation with maturity. Wade was the first to admit he was the father of the child, while his wife Union reportedly said she was fine with what had happened.

He explained that Xavier was conceived when he met Metoyer and that he and Union had a falling out. Wade’s ex-wife agreed to raise their son together as co-parents, allowing him to move forward with his marriage to Union.

Wade, on the other hand, feels compelled to maintain a strong relationship with his son since Xavier spent most of his time with his mother after the divorce. In his photographic memoir Dwyane, published in November 2021, he stated this fact.

Aja Metoyer
Aja Metoyer

He wrote about the difficulties he faces as a father of an eight-year-old son.

“Because Xavier does not live with me, we do not get to see each other on a daily basis as I do with my other children.” “It makes things difficult at times”

he explained

“but it’s my job to make sure he never has to carry that burden.”

Aside from Xavier, the former Miami Heat player has two children with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, Zaya and Zaire Wade, and a daughter with his new wife Union, Kaavia James Union Wade. He’s also looking after his nephew Dahveon Morris, Wade’s sister Deanna’s son.

Damon Wayans Jrand and  Aja Metoyer’s Relationship and Two Kids

While Metoyer and her son’s father, Wade, appear to have a good co-parenting relationship, she does not appear to have a good relationship with the father of her first two children.

Aja Metoyer Ex Husband
Aja Metoyer Ex-Husband

It appears to be the case because the reality TV star was granted primary physical custody of her and the actor’s daughters while both parents shared legal custody.

Wayans Jr., on the other hand, went to court in September 2018 to seek primary custody of their two daughters, claiming she was not taking their education seriously.
He explained in the lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles court that his daughters were frequently absent or tardy to class.

He also stated that they were given a list of issues that were negatively impacting their education and home lives.

Despite the allegations, Metoyer is said to retain primary custody of her two children with Wayans Jr.
She frequently shares photos of them and her son Xavier on social media, demonstrating her affection for the children.