A Look Into Mel B And Rory McPhee Relationship

Mel B

Mel B recently proposed to her three-year hairdresser boyfriend, Rory McPhee. Rory, 34, got down on one knee and proposed with a £100,000 ($110) diamond ring, to which Mel B promptly said yes. Mel B, whose official name is Melanie Brown, revealed the proposal details on Celebrity Gogglebox on Friday, October 28. Scary Spice, a former Spice Girls member, revealed details of a “very romantic” proposal she had with her friend and comedian Ruby Wax while on vacation in Berkshire.

She stated:

“‘I love you, you’re my best friend, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,’ he added.” There were rose petals all over the place, a log fire, and a hotel – Cliveden [House]. It was quite romantic. “I adore flowers.”

Mel B and Rory McPhee’s connection

McPhee and Mel B are also from the same town. She was born in Leeds, England in 1975, while he was born in 1986. After residing in Los Angeles for fifteen years, the Spice Girl returned to the Northern UK city in 2019. Rory is a skilled hairstylist with his own business in town, Rory James Salon. They’ve known one another for quite some time. Rory is said to be great friends with Mel B’s cousin, actor Christian Cooke. They met and hung out together many times before starting dating a few years ago. According to British media, the couple made their relationship public by attending a wedding together in 2019. McPhee does not seem to like being in the limelight, since his social media accounts primarily include photographs and videos of his work and reveal nothing about his personal life.

Mel B

McPhee’s Instagram has been swamped with photographs of Mel B showing off his work on the musician’s hair since working with his now-fiancee on The Masked Singer: Australia. Last year, the Wannabe singer raved over McPhee on Good Morning Britain, saying that he is:

“Extremely nice, very honest, very loving, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.” “I need someone who understands.”

Scary Spice’s 23-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, approves of Rory McPhee since she was among the first to learn about her mother’s engagement. Chi, who works for the domestic abuse organization Women’s Aid, called the experience “one of the happiest moments of her life.”

Mel B

The hairdresser is said to have met all of his fiancee’s pals, including the Spice Girls, and those who have met him seem to get along well with him. The musician will marry for the third time. She was formerly married to Jimmy Gulzar, a Dutch dancer, and producer-director Stephen Belafonte. Phoenix Chi, 23, lives with Gulzar, and Madison Brown, 11, lives with Belafonte. Angel Iris Murphy Brown, 14, is her daughter from her relationship with actor Eddie Murphy.