A Look Into Louis Partridge’s Relationship

Louis Partridge

Enola Holmes premiered on Netflix in September of last year, and it included some notable personalities. Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things played Enola Holmes, the legendary detective’s sister, Henry Cavill from Man of Steel played Sherlock, and Sam Claflin from The Hunger Games played his brother Mycroft. However, the picture also introduced viewers to Louis Partridge, a youthful 17-year-old.

In the Netflix film, he portrayed Lord Tewkesbury, the object of Enola’s devotion, and he won the hearts of many admirers. While he has worked on a few other films prior to Enola Holmes, he is most recognized for his film with Brown. And as his celebrity grew, so did curiosity in his personal life.

Who Is Louis Partridge Currently Dating?

The actor looks to be rather private and wants to keep that aspect of his life out of the public eye. Despite the fact that his social media profile does not specify whether or not he has a girlfriend, images of him with a lady called Lulu Start have been circulating on the internet. The two of them seem to be quite comfortable in the photos, and they appear to enjoy one other’s company.

Louis Partridge

However, this has yet to be verified by the actor. He did, however, previously acknowledge being in a relationship. While promoting their film, he and Brown went on “17 Questions,” and his co-star questioned him, “You’ve been heartbroken, Louis?” The actor admitted to having his heart shattered previously but gave no additional information, evidently unwilling to divulge. Brown, on the other hand, revealed a significant bombshell in another interview with Glamor on October 8, last year.

To show they were excellent friends, the pair completed a friendship test, discussed their initial thoughts of each other, and exchanged compliments. During one section of the exercise, the co-stars debated who put more effort into their friendship, which resulted in a fight with each claiming they did.

Brown then confessed that she had gotten him his girlfriend’s anniversary present since he had forgotten. Patridge then remarks that he did not expect Brown to say that, and the two go on to another subject.

Louis Partridge

On-Screen Romance Of Louis Partridge

There is no word on who that girlfriend is or whether Patridge is still with that rumored girlfriend, but fans were certain he and Brown were having an affair once upon a time. Patridge and Brown have amazing chemistry and charm in the film, which swayed people to ship them. The two also shared a lot of images of one other on Instagram and got close while they worked on the project.


Of course, this prompted viewers to wonder if they were dating, but the stars refuted the romance rumors and said that they were just close friends. Patridge and Brown’s relationship was entirely fictitious.