A Look Into Francesca Farago And Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan Relationship

francesca farago

TikTok superstar Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan seems to be Francesca Farago’s Too Hot to Handle companion. Francesca Farago announced her engagement on social media on Tuesday, May 2. The pair began dating in July 2021 but separated a year later.

Francesca starred on another Netflix dating reality program, Perfect Match, during which she dated Dom Gabriel, Damien Powers, and Abbey Humphreys. She and Jesse resumed their relationship as soon as the shooting for this episode was over. Francesca Farago described her engagement announcement on Instagram as the “most magical night ever.” According to the photos, Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan donned a suit for the big night, while Francesca wore a champagne-colored gown.

Francesca Farago and Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan’s relationship

Francesca Farago came on the Past Your Bedtime podcast in June 2022 to talk about her relationship history with Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan. She remembered meeting Sullivan a year before, in June 2021, during a TikTok live event she was presenting for Pride Month. Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan and his kid were trailblazers in the event. The two spoke on a Zoom call in preparation for the occasion. Sullivan was in Los Angeles at the time, while Farago was in Mexico. Farago revealed the following during the podcast interview:

“When I first saw him in rehearsals, I was like, damn, who is this?” I recall racing around the house in Mexico, saying, ‘I believe I found my new lover!’ It all happened pretty quickly. I feel like I asked you to be my boyfriend a week after meeting you. Then I was caught in Canada for four months, so we had to do long distance.”

francesca farago

Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan added to the discourse by saying:

“Basically, she was like, ‘Do you wanna be my boyfriend?’ about a week after we met.” ‘Hell yes, I want be your boyfriend!'”

Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan and Francesca Farago discussed their favorite aspects of one another.

During the same podcast interview, both stars talked about what they like about each other. Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan addressed the Perfect Match star, saying:

“My favorite aspect of you is that you are freakishly kind.” And you adore the people around you; you’re generous and compassionate. When I initially saw you, I was nearly afraid of you because of your appearance. And you’re not like that; on the inside, you’re just a gummy bear. It’s adorable.”

francesca farago

When Farago’s turn came, she said:

“My favorite thing about you is that you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met.” You’ve always been very kind to me. Your interactions with Arlo are adorable. I’m not sure, we just have these little inside type of charming things that we do, and I just feel at home with you.”

Farago was formerly engaged to Too Hot to Handle castmate Harry Jowsey at the season 1 reunion special, but the two called it quits in 2021 due to personal issues.