5 Things You Should Know About Killer Sally

Killer Sally

Sally McNeil, dubbed Killer Sally, gained headlines after claiming to have shot her husband, bodybuilder Ray McNeil, during a violent incident in her house in which her husband reportedly attempted to strangle her and beat her. Decades later, Netflix is preparing to tell her tale in Killer Sally, a three-part docuseries that will release on November 2, 2022.

The prolific case was one of the few types in which the murderer contacted 911 and reported her husband’s death, claiming self-defense. Despite Ray McNeil’s violent relationship history, steroid usage, and statements from two children that confirmed many details about the domestic violence charges, prosecutors were able to cast enough doubt on Sally McNeil. She was later sentenced to 25 years in jail on second-degree murder charges. Here are five key facts about the prolific case that will soon become famous throughout the globe, ahead of the release of Killer Sally.

Five brief facts concerning Ray McNeil’s murder by Killer Sally

1) Sally had been subjected to a cycle of abuse that culminated in the death of her husband, Ray McNeil.

Though Ray McNeil was known to often assault Sally, this was not the only thing she endured throughout her life. Before meeting Ray, she apparently had a terrible life with alcoholic parents and a failed marriage. Ray also abused and attacked her on a daily basis. In an interview, she remembered one of his abuse incidents:

“When he caught me chatting to another man at work, he tossed me across the room. When we went home, he scooped me up like a rag doll and hurled me across the room. He shattered my coccyx bone, which is located in the rear of my tailbone.”

Killer Sally

2) Sally McNeil practiced muscle worship, a kind of muscular fetish.

After she was released from the Marines, she pursued another job as a muscle worshiper, a kind of muscular fetish in which men paid to grapple with her. A few of these were also documented. She utilized the money to keep the home running and to pay for Ray’s steroids.

3) Ray pumped up many forms of steroid

. While the media and the prosecution blamed drugs for Sally’s incarceration, it was Ray who abused steroids and often beat her up in steroid-fueled wrath. She remembered an example:

“One of those instances was when I refused to make a list of all the guys I had dated. Ray strangled me three times. I got spasms for the third time… He said he had no clue what he had done to me. That was my first encounter with steroids. I was so fresh to the sport at the time that I had no idea what drugs were.”

4) An extramarital affair is the key reason behind Killer Sally’s aggressive move.

Sally and her husband’s argument reached a boiling pitch on the evening of Valentine’s Day in 1995. This, according to accounts, was due to one of Ray’s mistresses. Ray was known to have many indiscretions outside of his marriage, one of which was extremely significant.

Killer Sally

5) According to psychologists, Sally’s response was “Battered Woman Syndrome.”

Battered Woman Syndrome is a prevalent occurrence among long-term victims of domestic violence. Psychologists indicated that Killer Sally had the same sensation and that it was an instinctive response on her part. Despite this, Sally was finally imprisoned.