5 Relevant Facts Regarding Jamie Faith’s Murder case

Jamie Faith

Jamie Faith’s sad death in October 2020, and the accompanying inquiry, revealed a dark murder plan hatched by his wife and her boyfriend. The latter traveled from Tennessee to Texas only to shoot the guy in public. Using digital evidence, Jamie’s wife, Jennifer, and her boyfriend, Darrin Lopez, were found guilty of being involved in the murder. Darrin was charged with murder and obstruction of justice, among other things. He has now pled not guilty and awaiting trial. Jennifer, meantime, pled guilty to murder-for-hire earlier this year and was sentenced to life in jail.

On Friday, October 21, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET, an episode of ID’s 48 Hours will chronicle the tragic facts of Jamie Smith’s murder. As a result, prior to the episode’s debut, this article will explain a few critical aspects concerning the murder investigation.

Five important details in Jamie Faith’s murder-for-hire case

1) Surveillance film recorded the attacker’s car, which aided in the resolution of Jamie Faith’s case.

According to the security film, Jamie Faith was shot by someone driving a black Nissan Titan pickup truck with a distinctive sticker – a “T” – on one of its rear windows. The truck was allegedly captured on the front door security camera, and one of their neighbors observed the vehicle as well.

Authorities were able to trace the vehicle to Jennifer Faith’s partner Darrin Lopez, an army veteran who lived in Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee, after collecting digital proof regarding her romance. The truck’s owner, Lopez, was recognized, and the vehicle was observed parked outside his residence.

Jamie Faith

2) Jamie Faith was shot many times and died on the scene.

Jamie Faith was shot early in the morning as he left his house for a stroll with his wife, Jennifer, and their dog. He was shot seven times in total: three times in the head, three times in the chest, and once in the crotch. When first responders got on the scene, he was confirmed dead on the spot.

3) Jennifer utilized bogus email accounts to dupe Darrin Lopez.

Authorities received the emails Jennifer allegedly wrote to Lopez while acting as her spouse and a friend. This showed a complicated scheme she devised to have her spouse killed. Jamie Faith allegedly abused her physically and sexually. These emails were most likely sent to enrage Lopez into killing Jamie. Furthermore, while fighting in Iraq, the lover had terrible brain damage.

4) Jennifer Faith utilized money from GoFundMe to purchase things for her boyfriend.

An inquiry into Jamie Faith’s death found that their neighbor assisted in the establishment of a GoFundMe contribution campaign for Jennifer and her daughter, which garnered thousands of dollars. It was then uncovered that the wife used the money to spoil her lover, buy him costly presents like a TV, and even pay for his plane tickets.

Jamie Faith


5) Jamie Faith’s wife attempted to file more than $500,000 in insurance claims.

When police learned Jennifer had used GoFundMe contributions to lavishly shower Lopez with costly gifts, their faith in the illusion of a lady who had just lost her husband was destroyed. In addition, after Jamie’s death, Jennifer Faith reportedly sought to submit insurance claims totaling $629,000.